Nothing is cooler than having a large band support what you do!! Check out my @warpedtour photos as I upload them to @nataliecampbellart

@mkhrnc_ of @tdwpband at @warpedtour Dallas yesterday. #tdwp #thedevilwearsprada #warped #warpedtour . Arguably one of my favorite photos from yesterday, for some reason

I was cleaning out my computer and found this photo of @carlitos_n with @thesuicidesign . This was back in Austin TX earlier this year. #atx #thesuicidesign

Booking: - this was from a senior shoot.

So many pages. I have superglue fingers that are poked multiple times with a needle. I’m making a custom bound book from scratch for my dear friend @idevoglaer , and he has no idea how awesome it is going to look! I can’t wait to post photos on here. I do the most random art projects - but why only stick to one kind or style of art? Try new things :) #bookbinding #artstudent #artist

Summer in Texas ☀️

I recently went to the American Museum of Natural History. ft. @justflycasual of @lookingglassstudios


On that business card game. What do you think? Just ordered the first batch.

Making a logo for business cards sucks. Logos are one of my least favorite things to work on, but it will be worth it.

I’m revamping my social networks in the next three weeks. I’m excited for things to come together. ✒️

This is just one of the animals I photographed at the Bronx Zoo yesterday. I’m putting up a blog soon that will cover my trip to NYC! :) #nyc #bronx #bronxzoo

NYC #vsco #vscocam

I’m home. 🔫🇺🇸 (at Cabela’s)

🍔🍟 (at Shake Shack 366 Columbus)